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HP Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a real estate agent, you need consistent cash flow to support your business and provide the best service possible to your clients. Having funds on hand makes it that much easier to effectively market properties for sale, conduct market research and so much more.
The commission-based payment system leaves many real estate agents operating within financial peaks and valleys. That means more time worrying about balancing your books and less time spent providing valuable services to your clients. This is where a commission advance can become especially valuable.
Just Commission Advance gives you the power to leverage your pending sales and receive a cash advance on them. Instead of waiting for a sale to fully close, with all of the delays and last-minute complications that may involve, real estate agents can get the cash they need to operate at the best of their ability.

HP Benefits

We help manage your cash flow needs We offer advances of commissions on pending sales

Fast and easy.
100% Online. Easy apply in minutes with convenient repayment.
What you see is what you get.
We keep things simple and give you a 20 day grace period if your closing is delayed.
Fast Funding
Get your account funded in as little as 60 minutes
Get Advance Rewards
Get discounts on your advances by referring other members and taking advances.
Support from real people.
Dedicated people will help solve your cash flow needs.
No credit check.
Checking your eligibility does not affect your credit score.
Multiple advances
There is no cap on the amount of our commission advances.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Return your funds within 3 business days with no fees charged. No questions asked.
Our funding platform is designed specifically for real estate agents. We understand the uncertain financial footing that many agents can find themselves in, and we’re here to help address that all too common problem.
Our commission advances are designed to align with your needs as a professional. We offer a 20-day grace period for delayed closings, the opportunity to take out multiple advances if desired and support from real people. Working with Just Commission Advance means you can focus on your key responsibilities as a real estate agent.

HP How It Works

How to get your funds
1 How It Works
Fast Application
Provide some information about you, your company and the sale and sign agreement online. No credit check required.
2 How It Works
Review Information
Your account manager will review the application and confirm the sale with the title company.
3 How It Works
Get Your Funds
Once approved, we send the funds immediately and all your fees and taxes are deductible!

HP Advance Awards

Advance RewardsTM
Get rewards every time you complete an advance transaction or refer another agent
Lower cost
Apply your Advance Rewards status to your advances and get more cash in every transaction.
Skip the line
Receive priority underwriting and approval on future commission advances.
Dedicated concierge
Personalized team to assist you in solving your unique cash flow needs.

HP Testimonials

Simple and Easy
The process was very simple, easy and fast. I recommend...
K. Jenkins
I wish I would have done this sooner. It was a great decision I don't regret...
B. Robbins
Thank You for the Advance
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was what I needed at the right time...
S. Tate
So Far, So Good
Who would have thought? I'm glad I found this company...
R. Moore
I wish I would have done this sooner. It was a great decision I don't regret...
B. Robbins

HP Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed It’s ok to change your mind. Satisfaction Guaranteed You can return the advance within 3 business days. Satisfaction Guaranteed No fees, no penalties, no questions.
We’ve designed our commission advances to provide effective, reliable support for real estate agents. That means you can change your mind and return your commission advance within three business days. There are no penalties or fees. At Just Commission Advance, we understand that circumstances can change quite quickly for real estate agents. If you receive a commission advance on a property that doesn’t eventually close, don’t worry. You can pay back the advance with the proceeds of future sales. Don’t let cash flow constraints put your most important work on the back burner. Turn to Just Commission Advance for the funding you need to be the best real estate agent possible.

HP What Happens

What happens if it
does not close
Sometimes things don't work the way we planned, we understand. In the case that your transaction doesn’t close you will be able to repay the advance using the proceeds of your future sales.

HP Ready to Get Started

Ready to
Get Started?
Because managing your cash flow shouldn’t feel like a second job