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3 Reasons Commission Advances Are Better Than Other Options

3 Reasons Commission Advances Are Better Than Other Options

April 22, 2020

Commission Advances for Realtors

3 Reasons Commission Advances for Realtors Are Better Than Other Options 

Not to make light of a complex situation, but there’s nothing quite like a worldwide pandemic to bring about sudden change and uncertainty. In uncertain times like these, having access to your money when you need it is vital! 

With many businesses closed, services limited, and processes moving more slowly than usual, getting paid on time is no longer a guarantee. Unfortunately, financial hardships are becoming more and more common. More than ever before, it’s key to have a trusted partner who can reliably assist you in getting your funds in a timely manner.

At Just Commission Advance, we absolutely recognize how challenging these times are. We also understand the fluctuating nature of the real estate world, even in the best of markets! Though current times are tough all around, we’re on your side, providing commissions for realtors to help you get your money when you need it most.

3 Reasons Commission Advance for Realtors Is Better Than Other Funding Options

While there are many reasons to work with us, there are three important reasons that commission advance for realtors is better than other funding options out there. We’ll dive into each of the reasons here, and we’ll explain a bit more about our process and how we work for you.

Three reasons to go with a commission advance:

1. It’s YOUR Money!

Commission advance for realtors is just a advance that gives you access to your money before you would have had it otherwise. You’re not really borrowing a bank or other lender’s money, so there are far fewer fees and no high-interest rates. You’re only getting your own money, sooner. 

Typical real estate closing periods are 45 days. That’s a long time to wait for the money you know is coming to you when you have other listings to prep, show, and market in the meantime. When you need it, we’re here to get your commission earnings to you in advance! 

2. It’s So Fast and Easy!

Unlike traditional advances processes, our entire process is 100% online. You can apply in mere minutes by providing us with some necessary information about yourself, your company, and the pending sale. Then you simply sign the agreement online. 

Next, our review process is simple, as well. Traditional advance processes can be extremely complicated, but with us, you’ll have an account manager to answer questions you have and to help you through the process smoothly. We also don’t require a credit check, so when we verify your eligibility, it won’t negatively impact your credit score.

What’s more, once you’re approved, we send the funds immediately. We fund your account in as little as 60 minutes! Plus, we make sure repayment is super easy, and we can provide you with a 2-day grace period if your closing is delayed.

3. You Can Even Get Rewarded!

On top of the simplicity of the process, we reward you for partnering with us—something you probably won’t ever find with a traditional advance process. First, there are no advance limits. We allow multiple advances with no cap on our commission advances.  The more you work with us, the more rewards you get.

With our Advance Rewards™ program, there are some pretty great incentives when it comes to commissions for realtors. Not only do you get rewarded for taking advances with us, but also when you refer other agents to us. Then, just apply your Advance Rewards™ status to future advances to receive:

  • Even more cash in your pocket with every transaction.
  • Priority service. Skip the line!
  • A dedicated team on your account, who will personalize the process for your individual cash flow needs! 

Plus, if you’re not satisfied with our services for any reason, you can simply return the funds within three days. No penalties, fees, or questions asked.

Just Commission Advance: Commission Advance When You Need It Most

We are proud ourselves on being responsive to our customers’ needs and getting you cash when you need it most. We thoroughly understand how hard it can be in the real estate market sometimes, and that’s why we’re here! Just Commission Advance specializes in getting commission advances for realtors. That’s all we do.

Our process is simple, 100% online, and fast. Have your money in as little as 60 minutes once you’re approved, earn rewards with every transaction, and repay easily. If you’re a realtor, contact us today to get started with your commission advance!