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4 Ways a Commission Advance Company Can Jump Start Your Real Estate Business

4 Ways a Commission Advance Company Can Jump Start Your Real Estate Business

May 13, 2020

4 Ways a Commission Advance Company Can Jump Start Your Real Estate Business

Jump Start Your Real Estate Business

Hiring a commission advance company is a productive way of converting pending commissions into cash that you can start your real estate business. Most real estate agents have to wait for months between closing a property transaction and collecting the commission. This waiting period can wreak havoc on business operations, resources, and especially cash flow. A commission advance service company was created to bridge this gap between signing and closing so that your real estate business’s growth trajectory is maintained.

A commission advance is an effective way of having liquidity and stability in your business.

Listed below, are four ways a commission advance company can help jump start your real estate business:

1.Delivers Consistent Cash Flow

In every business, there are expenses. The real estate business is definitely not an exception. Unfortunately, there is a lag period between when a deal is closed, and when the real estate agent is paid his/her commission. This delay can hinder the agent’s ability to pay the bills. Often times, many agents are faced with such dire financial constraints that many of them stop pursuing their real estate businesses altogether.

With help from a commission advance company, you no longer have to worry about ‘when’ you will be paid your commission. Your commission advance can assist you in paying off business expenses so that your focus will remain on growth. An advance on your commission mostly keeps your business running and maintains positive cash flow. This commission advance is necessary because not only does it help real estate agents stay afloat, but it also encourages them to keep growing their businesses.

2.Provides A Cost-Effective Solution

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest drawbacks that real estate agents face is the wait time between signing the contract or deal closure and payment of the commission. Without accessibility to cash that a commission advance service can provide, an agent will be unable to implement any changes in his/her real estate business. For example, if your business goal was to implement a new marketing plan in a new market, then you will be unable to do so immediately.

As you’re already aware, each business transaction, whether it’s running an ad campaign, hiring an assistant, or even travel expenses, requires a lot of resources, including money and time. At some point, all these reserves will run out. A commission advance company provides immediate and necessary cash infusion. Without this advance, most agents experience a lot of downtimes and lost opportunities.

3.Reduces Business Debts

Most real estate agents have to wait months before they can collect their commissions. During this waiting period, there may be significant business debt accumulation. For example, you may not be able to pay the rent of your business location, or you stop paying yourself because there’s simply no money left after covering your business debts. The amount of debt can become so severe that the agent may not be able to keep his/her business from shutting down.

As an agent, you’ve likely faced situations where you’re anxiously awaiting your next commission pay-out. Luckily, a commission advance company can help you minimize your business debt at a reasonable rate. Why is this important? Consider how much debt you will acquire in three months while you’re waiting to collect your commission. Now compare this amount to the commission advance service’s fees. You’ll soon realize that an advance is actually worthwhile!

4.Continual Investment In Your Business

By using a commission advance from a company, you will not only maintain positive cash flow, but you can also invest in your business growth. For instance, a huge part of staying in business is effective marketing. The real estate industry thrives on stiff competition. Agents must be able to market themselves and their real estate successfully. This area requires regular cash infusion. The agent simply cannot wait for their next commission cheque. Applying to a commission advance service is the only way to keep your marketing efforts steady and stay ahead of the competition. In addition, an advance on your commission can also enable you to hire additional staff to help grow your business.

A commission advance is an alternative funding source that doesn’t require mountains of paperwork, meetings, or a lengthy approval process. The application and approval processes are expedient and straightforward so that you get your money fast! Don’t let a lack of money stop you from taking your business forward. A commission advance will help maintain the continuous growth of your business.

If you’re searching for a reliable advance commission service, Just Commission Advance™ is your partner in success. With no credit checks, no advance limits, advance rewards, and quick funding, you get access to effective cash flow right away. Get in touch with us today!