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How Advance Commissions Help Your Real Estate Business Cash Flow

How Advance Commissions Help Your Real Estate Business Cash Flow

December 8, 2020

Advance Commissions Help Your Real Estate Business

Advance Commissions For Real Estate Business

How Advance Commissions Help Your Real Estate Business Cash Flow

All businesses encounter cash flow challenges. However, real estate businesses can get into serious trouble if they experience constant cash flow. Who would know it better than someone like you who’s in the real estate business?

Managing the cash flow demands, especially when the commissions are untimely, is probably the most difficult part of your business. Many factors can impact your cash flow. This is where the real estate commission advance companies step in.

Cash advance options

You attempt several ways to alleviate your cash flow needs. Whether it is credit cards, personal loans, or home equity loans, all these options impact your credit rating. However, your credit rating remains intact when you use a pending sales contract to advance your commission.

The real estate commission advance companies make commission advance for real estate agents based on their sales history and pending sales contract.

In other words, there are several options of commission advance for real estate agents available. But they are not all alike. There are different terms and conditions associated with each of them. Here are some things to look for when selecting the best real estate advance companies to help you with real estate business cash flow.

The real estate commission advance companies of your choice should be transparent enough in their claims with no hidden charges.

Wait Time

You do not want to wait to get paid. That’s what cash-flow is all about. The best real estate commission advance companies have a very short time. How short should the wait time ideally be? No company would advance commission within minutes or hours because they have to examine your papers and documents. However, you can quit out of the company that takes more than 24 hours to process your advance. You do not have time, and time is precious because time is money. You might like to consider all the options within the real estate advance companies’ list promising to advance your money within a day.

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees could be the greatest irritant before commission advance for real estate agents comes through. You do not want hidden fees or the processing fees to pop up suddenly half-way through your application process. The best companies are 100% transparent about the fees and other charges. What you need right now is a steady flow of cash to conduct your business. Your association with the company is going to be a lasting one. So you may not like to deal with a company that is not transparent.

Completely Online

No one uses a fax machine anymore. If the real estate advance commission companies ask you to fax documents, move on. You expect the best companies to be completely automated these days. Your entire process should be completed online in a short span to include the final submissions. Why should you take additional hassles when it is your money that you are taking in the form of an advance.

Minimum and Maximum

The best commission advance companies do not have a cap on upper and lower limits on advance. It is your money, and you know how much you need at this time. There should be no reason for others telling you how much you would get. A company that restricts your advance to some thousand dollars probably does not match up to your rock star status.

Perks and Rewards

Life should not be lived at its bare minimum. The best commission advance companies offer you incentives and bonuses in various forms such as specials, rewards, and other perks to motivate you. Most companies offer a loyalty program and a referral program in addition to commission advance for real estate agents.

Take a look at the perks and rewards the company you are associating with offers before choosing them.

Interact With Live People

While automation should be a high priority for commission advance companies, you should be dealing with a live person. You should be able to visit the company and meet the personnel dealing with your case. That is one way to take relationships forward in a lasting manner.

A Mobile App

Most companies now have their mobile apps. The Commission Advance Companies that have mobile apps make the business run smoothly. The app helps request commission advance for real estate agents on the go. It also makes it easy to run the business with several features to keep the real agents informed and updated.

It is evident that advance commission companies can help you alleviate your cash flow worries. However, the quality of service is important because in the real estate business cash flow cannot wait. A cash flow break-even for a small interval can adversely impact your business. Therefore, you need to select wisely because you will grow with this association, and it will be a long-term association. Therefore, all the pros and cons of your association with a commission advance company should be given serious consideration before selecting the best that serves you.

Just Commission Advance provides cash advances for pending sales by real estate agents in fall, winter, spring, and summer. Learn more about how a cash advance can help you stabilize your income and support all that you do — check out our FAQ. Then, apply for your advance today!