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How to Adapt Your Strategy During the Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Adapt Your Strategy During the Coronavirus Lockdown

June 30, 2020

How to Adapt Your Strategy During the Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Adapt Your Strategy

The current Coronvirus crisis has nearly stalled the businesses globally. There is palpable fear and apprehension, for no one knows when things will get back to normal. However, smart business operators have turned the current crisis into an opportunity. This is the best time for realtors to take advantage of. They only need to pivot and shift their practices. This would ensure, advance commission for realtors can continue like clockwork.

Unlike the housing scare from 2006 to 2008, the circumstances this time are different. Yet, a little shift in strategies can help access a ton of value. The real estate agents can successfully tide over the current crisis as well as they could the last crisis of 2006-2008.

Lead Generation

Listing leads, as well as buyer’s leads, can be tough to generate, but you must continue with the process. The difficulty arises from the fact that home sellers may not like anyone to intrude into their house before they sell off their house, while buyers may be hesitant in entering the house.

No matter the circumstances, you must continue focusing on lead generation instead of focusing solely on existing clients so that advance commission for realtors continue rolling in. More specifically, when you generate new leads, you are in for success once the crisis gets over after about the next 2 to 5 months. Otherwise, it may take a long time for the momentum to set in if you plan to generate the lead when things get normal. Whatever other things you may be doing during the lockdown period, the lead generation must go on

Here’s something to motivate you. You can expect a spike in buyer demand with low current interests and low real estate supply levels. If you have a pipeline of listings and buyers, you will have the advantage of a large number of interested clients ready to take action.

Making Contacts

There are tools like email/texting, social media, and other technology to connect with your sphere of influence and reach out to potential clients. The advance commission for realtors can be a seamless ongoing process if you continue working systematically.

Your sphere of influence consists of those who trust you. When you engage meaningfully with them, you tend to add value to your proposal. This is the best time to create and engage with your sphere of influence. A meaningful, value-added service at your end begins from helping people and being of service to them.

Here are some of the tools or ways to engage with and add value to the business process to access advance commission for realtors, no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Social Media

When successfully aligned with the strategy to help the community that is a part of your sphere of influence, lead generation can make a powerful impact. There are multiple ways to help. It can be as simple as informing them about the latest COVID updates, letting them know about school schedules and activities during the lockdown.


When you help people, you earn their goodwill and support, which will eventually see a return in more sales and subsequent advance commission for realtors.

Help can be as tangible as making charitable contributions. This is a positive indication that you are helping them as a top priority without caring for your sales during the current crisis. All over the US, real estate teams are busy partnering with charities and arranging supplies to those that need it. Moreover, they are also seeking the support of their sphere of influence to make a difference. This is the gesture that differentiates an excellent real estate company from the mediocre ones.

Other Strategies

There are several strategies other than those stated that can go on simultaneously. Real estate professionals are used to working under stressful conditions. They know how to maintain a calm demeanor. When you demonstrate the same to your sphere of influence, you reassure them that everything will be okay. They will trust you and can relay positive information and messages to them. Your goal should be to help people with your information. It would help if you appeared politically neutral in your communication. Otherwise, you will most likely alienate half of your community that holds a different political opinion.

On the whole, message and communication that beam with positive affirmations will most likely endear you to your sphere of influence. Directly or indirectly, these acts will help you meet your business goals as well and ensure you continue earning advance commission for realtors without a break.

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