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How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting During COVID-19 Crisis

How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting During COVID-19 Crisis

June 29, 2020

How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting During COVID-19 Crisis

How to run successful virtual meeting


The COVID pandemic is transforming the way businesses are conducted globally. While some businesses like real estate have been hit hardest by the lockdown, the real estate agents are also rapidly adapting to the new processes of interactions without affecting their advance commissions. In fact, the best commission advance company is the one that adapts to the new business environment the fastest. If you know how to host a successful virtual showing during a global crisis, you can turn a difficult situation into an opportunity.

Virtual Showing

Everything about the virtual showing is real except your actual physical presence on the spot. The best commission advance company knows this fact pretty clear. Nothing that matters to you is actually affected by virtual showing, including your advance commissions. Your business goes on as efficiently as ever, only faster and smoother.

Virtual showing is almost like an in-person showing. It is as interactive as a real showing. It is a real-time interaction that involves the potential buyer and the agent. The only difference is that only the agent is present at the home that is to be sold. However, the agent will virtually show you the property using an app installed on their device, whether a tablet or a smartphone. You can get the 360 degrees view of the property. You can see everything, including nooks, crevices, and corners.

However, virtual showings are not exactly virtual tours or virtual open houses. Although a virtual open house is also an event that is live and interactive, any number of buyers can connect to the live event. Virtual tours are usually pre-recorded videos. These are not live. You can see virtual tours anytime, anywhere, just as you can see any other video.

The Right App

There are several apps that can be used for virtual showing. The best commission advance company should go with the app that is convenient for both the potential buyer and the agent. The agent should find out the app their buyer is comfortable with. The buyer would certainly appreciate it if you ask them in advance the app they are comfortable with.

Some popular apps are probably preferred for their clarity and convenience with which they can be used. Google hangout is a popular app for video and audio calls, as well as for messaging. It can be used with Android and iOS. Google Duo is another app for video calls for both Android and iOS. Face Time is Apple’s proprietary app letting people engage in video calls that can be used with their Apple devices. You can have seamless virtual meetings and business discussions with any of these apps.

The virtual showing you are going to have is one-to-one for which these apps are the best. The best commission advance companies are also often required to host a virtual open house. You will need the most appropriate app for a group experience in that case. It is easy to broadcast a live video from the property with Facebook Live. This app makes real-time group interaction possible with reactions, shares, and comments. If you use Skype, you have the advantage of letting free video meetings take place. Skype enables you create a unique link to invite your guests to the virtual meeting. These guests do not need to install Skype to participate in the conference.

How to Conduct a Virtual Showing

Virtual showing during the day is the best because the property you will show will look better in the natural light. You can also show the exterior, which may not be possible when it’s dark.

Virtual showing is a little different from the real showing. You may begin by showing the outside. Once you are inside, you need to move slowly for the potential buyer to see everything clearly. You can stand at a convenient location in each room and slowly pan the buyer’s room. You may like to focus next on essential features.

The client deserves to get the size of what they are shown. As the best commission advance company, it is your responsibility to find ways to get them a sense of the size. It may help to remain handy with a measuring device – yardstick or tape measure.

It would be best if you honestly addressed the client’s question and transparently whether you need to open a cabinet or make a second visit. You may encourage your client to ask questions and request their feedback after the showing.

Virtual Open House Hosting

The commission advance company is often required to address multiple clients. Hosting a virtual open house is the best and the most efficient strategy to address multiple clients. It would help if you got the word out in advance. The marketing tools, including emails, the company website, and social media, are no different from those used for in-person events.

The event can begin with a similar walkthrough as with the virtual showing. The rest of the event should include addressing queries, taking comments, and complying with requests to re-show certain property features.

Just Commission Advance

Just Commission Advance assists real estate agents and guarantees them 100% satisfaction. The company offers them advances on pending sales. If you change your mind, you can return the advances within three business days. There are no questions, penalties, or fees. In case the things do not work as planned, your transaction doesn’t close. You have the option to repay your advances through the proceeds of sales to come in the future.