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How to Stage a Home for Sale in 2020

How to Stage a Home for Sale in 2020

May 4, 2020



Knowing the best ways to stage a house for sale gives the real estate agents and property owners something they both want: An opportunity to secure a higher sale price and a larger commission.

While home staging isn’t guaranteed to increase value, a more attractive atmosphere for buyers can definitely be worthwhile if a thoughtful and cost-effective approach is involved. Knowing how to stage a home for sale involves paying attention to costs, knowing who to work with, making informed decisions with your clients and keeping common staging tips and tricks in mind. Let’s look at some important information around the general topic of how to stage a home for sale in today’s market.

What is home staging and how will it sell your home?

Home staging is the act of dressing a house for sale, as The Balance explained. In other words, staging means making a property as attractive as possible for potential buyers. More interest in a home means a better financial position for you and your clients.

Staging provides an idealized version of a house, something a potential buyer could create once they own the property. Presenting a fully furnished and carefully designed home is much more attractive than showing completely empty bedrooms and kitchens. Helping possible buyers see how space may be used offers additional and important context for them. 

Do you need to stage a home to sell it?

In short, yes. Although staging a home for sale isn’t an absolute requirement, it’s in your best interest as a realtor to do so.

Even the basic act of clearing counters, sweeping and mopping the living room floors, and cleaning window treatments can be viewed as staging. Some type of staging should happen for nearly every home.

There’s no requirement that real estate agents or owners spend significant amounts of money on staging or involve professionals when selling a home. However, committing to a minimum of basic staging is always a good idea. In some cases, a well-decorated and clean home can present just as attractive of an environment as a professionally staged one. In others, though, the services of a professional may significantly boost the appeal of the property and increase the final sale price.

How much does it cost to stage a house with furniture?

Staging costs can vary greatly. Factors include the size of the home, the decision to work with or avoid staging professionals, how much they charge, differing prices for such services depending on the area and other factors. However, there are ballpark figures you can use as an estimate for working with staging professionals. MarketWatch highlighted some of the most important staging costs in this context, using a standard, 2,500-3,000-square-foot home as a guide:


  • Consultations can range from $250 to $750, with higher costs for more detailed work.


  • Staging may cost between $3,500 to $4,500 per month.

Costs can increase if a home is totally empty and needs to be completely furnished. Expenses can decrease if the space is smaller, like a condo. pointed out that, on a per-room basis, sellers can expect to pay between $500 and $600 each month in staging costs. It also noted that many stagers require a minimum contract of three months, even if the home sells right after staging.

Who pays these costs is especially important for real estate agents to keep in mind. The current owners and the agent both have a vested interest in a quick sale and higher final price. It’s common for a real estate agent to offer to pay for the initial consultation and let the homeowners know the costs from that point on are their responsibility. There are many other possible arrangements, from splitting all costs 50/50 to one party or the other taking full responsibility.

How can you stage your home to sell faster?

As a real estate agent, you can encourage your clients to use existing furniture as well as purchase some key items to enhance the home’s visual appeal. You can also suggest they work with a professional who will bring in a variety of rented furniture and other decorations to make the space as engaging as possible. And, if you have a feeling that staging could substantially boost the sale price of a home – and your commission – you can pay for part or all of these costs yourself.

Earning a larger commission with staging doesn’t mean the money will come in any sooner. And even if a property sells quickly, it can still be a long wait for the payoff. Just Commission Advance is here to help you stabilize your finances and support your business with cash advances on pending sales. Apply for your advance today!