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Real Estate Advertising Ideas to Get the Attention of Potential Clients

Real Estate Advertising Ideas to Get the Attention of Potential Clients

January 30, 2021

An effective real estate advertising idea can help you drive more leads to your business by demonstrating your knowledge and experience as a real estate agent. This approach displays your personality and ability to understand the wants and needs of clients.

Real estate marketing is an exceptionally valuable tool when used correctly. However, it can turn into little more than a drain on time and resources when applied ineffectively. How can you make the most of marketing as a real estate professional?

Real estate marketing: Why you need an agent website
The internet in general, and search engines in particular, have dramatically changed the way people find all sorts of products and services. Individuals have more power than at any time in the past when it comes to identifying businesses they want to work with.

An effective real estate marketing website can serve as a one-stop shop for potential clients. It allows them to see where you operate, the types of real estate work, properties and clients you may focus on, past accomplishments and much more.

While in-person referrals still drive much of the industry, not everyone has an existing connection to an agent. With your website, you can tap into this market by making yourself visible to prospects interested in finding new real estate agents.

When it comes to what to include on your real estate or Realtor business website, Hubspot highlighted some leading examples. Frequently seen elements that can improve your marketing strategy include:

● An easy-to-use search tool for current listings.
● Client testimonials.
● High-resolution images of available properties.
● Simple and effective navigation.
● Videos, text, images and other media that help introduce you to potential clients.

Real estate marketing ideas: Social media
Social media marketing is a widely used tool across the economy, and real estate agents are no exception when it comes to this digital marketing tool. With free and paid options both available, real estate agents have many ways to include social networks like Facebook and Twitter in their marketing plan.

Research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) included in “Real Estate in a Digital Age: 2021 Report” pointed to the value of an effective social media presence. Social media was cited by Realtors responding to NAR’s survey as the best source for quality leads, above MLS websites and other tools.

The real estate business is an especially social one. As a real estate agent, you primarily market yourself, including skills, experience and personality, to potential clients. Social media, like a Facebook business page or Twitter account, helps you express your approach as a real estate agent to to many people in your target audience all at once. You can share listings, advice for potential buyers and sellers, news about the local real estate market and much more.

Engagement is another key factor. When a prospective client asks a question on a Facebook post or replies to a tweet, take the time to reply as appropriate. Whether you leave a detailed answer for a question or simply click the “Like” button for a comment, you’re letting your audience know you are eager to interact with them and support their needs as a real estate professional.

Marketing through content: What to consider for your strategy
Content marketing — the practice of sharing blog posts, articles, photos, videos and other media through your website, social media, email and similar channels — fulfills two key objectives tied to your marketing plan:

1. Offering interesting and valuable information as a local business to potential and current clients that helps them learn about real estate and make informed decisions.
2. Helping your website rank for relevant search terms, making it appear higher in search engine results pages and driving potentially valuable traffic to it.

The first point can be addressed through discussions with clients and fellow agents and Realtors, along with your own knowledge of what’s interesting, important, popular or a rising trend in the local market. Displaying and sharing your grasp of the market in your area is an effective form of real estate marketing. It provides valuable context while encouraging readers to use your services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a much more individual consideration, but there are many tools available to help determine and define relevant keywords. Content marketing keyword research tool SEMrush, for example, offers a free trial that can help you understand if this solution is right for you before making a financial commitment. Need more context? Real estate agent website service Placester offered a detailed guide, while Search Engine Journal featured a list of 10 real estate SEO tips, with additional resources and instructions.

Effective support for real estate agents

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