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Real Estate Digital Tools Every Agent & Broker Needs for Success

Real Estate Digital Tools Every Agent & Broker Needs for Success

July 13, 2020

Real Estate Digital Tools Every Agent & Broker Needs for Success

Real Estate Digital Tools Every Agent & Broker Needs for Success

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There are a few key differences between a good and a great real estate agent. Apart from the ambition and drive for success, they also need to be equipped with advanced tools in order to build client relationships. After all, commission advance for real estate agents is the ultimate target in the business, right? Here are some critical digital tools that real estate agents and brokers can use to achieve success:

  1. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

For those who aren’t aware of CRM, it is basically a tool that can help commission advance real estate agents create text and email marketing campaigns, organize leads, set auto-respond messages, save documents, and create team calendars, sales reports, and so on.

Brokers and agents could choose from multiple CRM tools that are designed especially for them. Every tool has its own unique features and is therefore priced differently. But most CRMs will offer basic functions like tracking customers and leads and keeping a tab on the progress of a specific deal.

A very robust CRM system will allow you to integrate your ad platform, calendar, social media, texting tool, and email, thereby becoming the center for all things critical to your work. The features you require will be dependent on your business, price point, style of work, and the number of clients you deal with any given point.

  1. Social Media Applications

Today’s marketing climate is highly competitive, which means that investors in real estate are not just advised to make accounts on various social media platforms, but also use them thoroughly. Social media has, in fact, become extremely important for commission advance real estate marketing and is a very helpful tool in promoting brand awareness, building credibility, and generating new business.

Statistics reveal that nearly 2.3 billion of the world population has an account on some social media platform. Therefore, real estate agents and brokers must take maximum advantage of this digital development. Some of the most popular sites to sign up for, especially if you’re new to the world of social media are:


As far as digital marketing tools for real estate are concerned, you could think of Facebook as the central point of marketing. Why? Because it has monthly users counting up to 1.71 billion!


Since we’re talking about monthly users, YouTube is not too further behind and has nearly 1 billion monthly active content consumers. This video-sharing app is now a very significant part of the digital marketing landscape, even for the real estate business.


Instagram is hands-down one of the best digital marketing tools to use in real estate, primarily because it allows you to showcase beautiful imagery. Investors can use this simple app for promoting their brand through images, which can further be amplified with the use of filters. Direct messages and hashtags are great ways to reach out to your audience on Instagram. So, with Instagram, real estate agents can create both brand awareness and drive engagement.

  1. Shared Calendar

If you’re an agent working with a group to market property, then you should definitely consider using a common team calendar. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that all-important paperwork happens on time and that showings and open houses are not missed.

While it is true that your CRM might already have this useful calendar function, several free options are also available for use. You could simply make an Apple or Google calendar on your smartphone since you might already be using the app. Just make sure that everyone in the team uses the tool for achieving results.

  1. Real Estate Applications

An increasing number of commission advance real estate agents and brokers are now using their tablets and smartphones for assistance and information. Majority of the internet searches happen on phones these days, and these devices are proving to become one of the greatest tools for real estate investors. This brings us to the important subject of real estate applications, which are extremely easy to use and bring a high amount of efficiency to operations. Just a few clicks can elevate your career to another level.

Some of the popular apps used by realtors include:


Think of LoopNet as an online marketplace for real estate that connects investors and tenants so that they can look at properties they wish to lease or buy.


Dotloop is designed for combining your e-sign, form creation, and transaction management system, all into one user-friendly app.


Xome makes use of big data and is a single platform for buyers and sellers to complete their real estate deals.


Buffer allows social media specialists to schedule posts, manage accounts, and analyze performance from one single hub.

In order to succeed in the real estate business today, brokers and agents must adopt some of these modern digital tools.

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