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The Benefits of Commission Advance for Realtors

The Benefits of Commission Advance for Realtors

March 27, 2020


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Advance commissions for realtors

Steady income makes it that much easier to operate a business.

Real estate agents earn significant commissions when closing a sale, but the lack of a regular schedule can make it difficult to grow your business and plan your personal budget. How can you smooth over the financial peaks and valleys that come with being a real estate agent?

A real estate commission advance is uniquely designed to address this common concern by offering more predictability in your cash flow and a fast payment timeline. Just Commission Advance supports real estate agents who play a crucial role in every community by providing an option to secure your commission on a schedule that meets your needs.

Why should you get a commission advance for realtors?

The normal time period between pending sales and official closing is 45 days. That’s an awfully long wait for real estate agents who have to invest in securing and showing their next listings to keep their business running smoothly.

When you work with an advance service, you can start using the money you’ve already earned without a major delay. That means having the resources on hand to keep doing what you do best: helping new and established members of your community find the best possible properties for their needs.

What commission percentage do real estate agents get?

Whether you work as the seller’s or buyer’s agent, you typically receive between 2.5% and 3% of a sale’s total cost as commission from the person or organization selling the property. Depending on the real estate’s value, this can be a very significant piece of your yearly income.

Why wait for this lengthy process to complete, especially when the vast majority of sales go through as planned? Just Commission Advance gives you the cash you need, when you need it.

How does the commission advance process for realtors work?

To secure an advance, agents and brokers sell a part of their pending commission for a fee to a commission advance service. In return, you enjoy faster access to your earnings. It’s important to note that an advance isn’t a loan – it’s an option to bring in the commission you’ve already secured without the long wait until the official closing of the sale. In technical terms, an advance is a form of factoring.

All you have to do is fill out a straightforward application and share the relevant information with us. At Just Commission Advance, we prioritize fast and friendly customer service. Our focus on simplicity and speed makes the process easy for you. We wire the money directly to your bank account, and the process can be as short as just one business day before your advance arrives. We even automate the repayment process – you don’t need to worry about adding another task to your to-do list.

Just Commission Advance helps you get back to work with the funding you need to support your efforts as a real estate agent.

When can I apply for a commission advance for realtors?

Your pending sale is eligible for a commission advance as soon as you have an accepted purchase contract in hand and open escrow on a property. Additionally, the closing must be scheduled within 120 days. And you don’t have to worry about which market you work in or where the sale occurred – we service the entire U.S.

With these requirements met, you can reach out to Just Commission Advance to start the process.

What other types of financing options exist for real estate professionals?

Real estate agents can secure funding for their business in a variety of ways, like business loans. However, these processes can be complicated. The application may require you to spend a significant amount of time gathering a variety of financial information, both personal and professional. It could involve a personal credit check. And the approval timeline isn’t guaranteed to be fast.

A commission advance focuses exclusively on your sale as opposed to your personal finances or business operations as a whole. This targeted approach means less work for you when securing the funding your business needs – as well as a shorter timeline for approval. While every type of financing option has its place in a carefully developed business strategy, a commission advance is specifically designed to meet your unique needs as a real estate agent.

Taking the next step with Just Commission Advance

Want to learn more about the real estate commission advance process? Ready to apply for an advance to fuel business growth and ensure you can do the best job possible as a real estate agent?

Reach out to Just Commission Advance today to take control of your pending commission and support your business.