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Tips for selling a house in the fall

Tips for selling a house in the fall

September 5, 2020

Tips for selling a house in the fall
Tips for selling a house

Selling House in the Fall Season

Every season comes with its own opportunities and challenges, both for life in general and for your work as a real estate agent specifically.

If you expect to or already have taken on work as a seller’s agent for a home that’s intended to sell this fall, a look at the residential real estate market during this time can make your job that much easier. Keep reading for useful info about how home sales perform in the fall, what encourages potential buyers to make a purchase in autumn, and more.

Do more or fewer homes sell in the fall?

Home sales are highest in the spring and summer, followed by fall and winter. Research from ATTOM Data Solutions, which reviewed home sale data from the period of 2011-2018, found the half of the year with lower temperatures and shorter days see significantly fewer home sales overall, although autumn outperforms winter as a whole.

This is due to a number of factors. It’s easier for families with school-aged children to purchase a home close to or after the end of the academic year to avoid changing schools. Moving is easier when the weather is warm and the days are long. Similarly, renovating, modernizing or otherwise improving a property is simpler in these conditions. Finally, homes have the most natural beauty and curb appeal in terms of leafy trees, lush lawns and flowering plants during these times, making them more attractive to home buyers.

Fall offers some significant advantages in terms of real estate sales, however. Zillow said many buyers are motivated to close on a property, move in and get settled before colder temperatures and shorter days, as well as the winter holiday season, arrive. The aesthetics of fall can also help support your efforts to sell a home. There’s still a good amount of natural light available, especially earlier in the season, and it can still offer plenty of curb appeal as leaf colors change and things start to settle down for winter. Fall can still be a great time for your clients to sell their home.

Is it harder to sell a home in the fall?

It can be harder to sell a home in the fall, considering that there aren’t as many listed homes or sales as during other seasons. However, it’s not as if the market drops off completely. All three fall months have average home sales above 2 million, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to make a sale for your clients.

Lawn care and landscaping is one specific consideration to keep in mind. Grass will eventually die or go dormant for the season, snow will fall, and there’s not much you or your clients can do about it. However, maintaining a clean outdoor space during foliage season is a good idea, going a long way toward making the property as presentable as possible. The Balance suggested raking, trimming, cutting and clearing — taking wild plant life, leaves, grass, gardens and other growth into account — to present a clean exterior and allow for more natural light to reach your home.

If you have clients who know they want to sell ahead of time, you should encourage them to make a fall sale easier through photographing their home during the spring or summer. U.S. News & World Report said showing the home during what are generally the best seasons for photography can make the surrounding environment feel more lush and inviting.

Why do people buy homes in the fall?

There are a number of reasons why buyers look at homes in the fall. One major, underlying factor is that seasonality can’t put a stop to the entire real estate market. People are constantly experiencing circumstances where moving into a new home makes sense, from a job offer presented by a company on the other side of the country to a growing family that requires more space. When a home purchase is spurred on by this type of event, the time of year is often a secondary consideration for buyers.

Some buyers may specifically choose fall because they recognize the market as softer, with fewer overall sales and sellers looking to close on their properties sooner rather than later. While these shoppers are savvier and may drive harder bargains during this time of year, they’re also more serious about making a purchase. If a quick sale is a priority for your clients, explaining this concept to them can help them move forward, even if they have to negotiate the sale price down slightly.

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