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What Can a Commission Advance Do for a Realtor?

What Can a Commission Advance Do for a Realtor?

December 7, 2020

Commission Advance for Realtors

Commission Advance for Realtors

What Can a Commission Advance Do for a Realtor?

Are you experiencing major cash flow ups and downs in your realtor business? Because of the closing date’s variability, do you have a hard time keeping up with your expenses? Rest assured, this is a common occurrence in the real estate business. A real estate commission advance company will provide you with the necessary funds immediately. These are funds that you, as a realtor can obtain from a commission advance company.

 How does it work?

You will be required to sell your upcoming commission to the commission advance company. The company will set up a contract that will offer you a commission advance in exchange for your pending real estate deal and a fee. To put in simpler terms, the commission advance company is offering you a payment on the closure of your current sale. The value is based on the upcoming or current commission. In exchange, they will pay you based on your needs and pending real estate contract. The commission payout amount can vary greatly from as little as $1,000 to even $10,0000 or more.

The realtor market is highly unpredictable, and consequently, so are the commissions. An advance commission provides a buffer of certainty for thousands of realtors and real estate agents. An advance on real estate commission is an excellent way to meet your business and personal expenses and even meet your financial goals!

What can a real estate commission do for a realtor?

There are several benefits to taking an advance on your commission. Perhaps the most obvious is that it manages your cash flow issues. Here are other benefits of obtaining an advance on a real estate commission:

Marketing and Promotions

To help your realtor business grow, you need to have sound marketing and promotional strategies in place. Irrespective of how popular your company is and how much profit you are raking in every quarter, you still need to run promotional campaigns. Lack of cash flow because of delayed or faltering commissions can drastically affect your marketing goals. How else would you attract new clientele?

Reduces Business Debts

Nothing makes a business person more anxious than upcoming bill payments such as mortgage/rental fees, staff salaries, overhead costs, etc. Imagine not being able to pay these on time! Luckily, a real estate commission advance can solve these woes. By having a steady cash flow, you can avoid late charges and warning letters from lenders. Your support staff will also be happier to receive their paychecks on time.

Set up a fitting open house

An open house is an important sales opportunity for a real estate broker/agent. With sufficient cash funds in hand, you can decorate the open house according to your preferences, design and set up new signage, and set up light catering. Having an attractive open house increases foot traffic. It also helps increase the upsell value of the house.

Invest in new signage

Digital signage is the new game in the current real estate game. It is now common to see digital signs at bus stops, gas stations, etc. Even online marketing is a hot trend. Stop wasting your valuable time on traditional signage (i.e., flyers and newspaper advertisements). Adopt the new digital techniques that are used right now. Most companies offering these services rely on seasonal advertising rates. What if you need special advertising when you have little cash on hand? This is where a real estate commission advance can help.

Invest in thank you gifts/notes

As you acquire new clients, it’s important not to forget the old ones. Remembering them might not help in selling a house very quickly, but they can certainly help you get lots of good reviews. With so much cut-throat competition out there, some positive reviews can set you apart from the rest of the agents. When it comes to thank you gifts and notes, items like flowers, cards, candles, etc., are appreciated by all clients. Don’t forget to include a note with a request asking them to visit your website and leave a review, especially on directories like Yelp.

Focus on personal development.

The real estate game is fast and forward-thinking. You need to stay on top of the game at all times. This means investing in training for both yourself and your team. Even a trained secretary or receptionist can be helpful at retaining business clientele. There are several training workshops and seminars you can sign up for. You may also enroll in degree certificates from various institutions. This will help you garner more trust from clients.

Focus on growing your real estate business while we take care of managing your cash flow. Get an advance on real estate commission today. Contact Just Commission Advance.