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What Commission Advance Companies Can Do For You

What Commission Advance Companies Can Do For You

March 26, 2020


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Commission Advance Service

Commission advance companies offer a valuable service for real estate professionals across the country.

A real estate commission advance can be one of the most effective and direct cash flow solutions for brokers, realtors, real estate agents and similar professionals.

Let’s break down the role of real estate commission advance companies, the service they provide and how their offering can benefit your business along with your career goals.

What is a real estate commission advance?

Commissions are vital for real estate professionals. This income is a direct result of a successful sale and represents a significant financial achievement for agents and brokers alike.

However, real estate transactions are often unpredictable. There’s no guarantee that sales can be made or earned commissions will be paid out on a regular schedule. Even very successful real estate professionals can experience times when commissions slow down to a trickle. And the wait for a pending commission payout generally takes at least 45 days – and often longer.

Managing a business and addressing all of the professional responsibilities that come along with effectively assisting clients with buying and selling properties becomes that much more difficult without a steady source of income.

What if you could access your pending commissions on a much shorter timeline? A real estate commission advance does exactly that. Real estate professionals partner with a company that focuses on advancing commissions. By providing their unsettled commissions, real estate agents and brokers receive the money owed to them, minus the fee owed for the advance, in days as opposed to weeks or months. This money can be put toward any business purpose, helping real estate professionals keep doing what they do best.

When should I take out an advance on a real estate commission?

Real estate agents, brokers and those in similar roles can take out a real estate commission advance whenever they have pending commissions available to them. As long as the sale is expected but hasn’t yet officially closed, you can exchange your commission for an advance.

This decision can be crucial for the effective operation of your business, providing funding to complete key tasks like advertising, purchasing updated signage and paying the bills and taxes that keep your enterprise operating smoothly.

If you have impending financial obligations for your business as well as unsettled commissions, you can start the commission advance process immediately. You can also plan to use commissions as part of a business growth plan, planning strategically around their use.

The process is simple: Once approved, you can receive your funding through an electronic funds transfer in a matter of days. And because the advance is secured through your pending commission, there’s no credit check – just a simple application.

How much does a commission advance cost?

Commission advance companies need to make money from advances to keep their doors open and continue offering this important service to real estate professionals. The good news is the total cost of fees can be quite reasonable, especially when the advance is provided for a short period of time.

Just Commission Advance is committed to providing lower fees than are commonly seen in the real estate commission advance market, with rates dipping as low as 4.5%. And no matter how far in advance you request an advance, you can rest assured that we’ll share the exact number before you make any final decision about entering into this agreement.

How does Just Commission Advance focus on helping you?

We’ve already detailed the value of real estate commission advances in general and how Just Commission Advance stands out in terms of low rates and easily accessible funding. We emphasize a few key qualities in our operations that make the advance process as simple and effective as possible for real estate professionals like you.

Our guiding principles of fast, friendly, simple, trustworthy, secure and solid service mean we do more to serve your needs. We offer dedicated concierge service to each and every client. If you have questions, concerns or want to talk about setting up your next commission advance, we’re here to help.

We provide a fully online application process that is both efficient and secure. You can quickly fill in the basic information and submit the completed form for approval.

We also offer an effective option for repayment if a pending sale doesn’t close as expected. We offer a grace period for delayed closings, and you can simply use your next commission to pay back an advance for a rejected sale and easily move forward.

A real estate commission advance means fast, secure funding to support your business. Apply for your commission advance today!