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Why Should Every Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions?

Why Should Every Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions?

July 1, 2020

Why Should Every Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions?

Why Should Every Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions

A commission advance for real estate agents enables realtors to receive their payment anytime after the sale contract is signed. Typically, real estate agents have to wait up to three months before seeing their hard-earned commission cheque. This waiting period is a trying time for realtors because, like everyone else, they have to meet their businesses and families’ needs. Many realtors end up living on debt or sacrificing their personal needs just to stay afloat. Luckily, advance commissions for realtors can help. This facility lets agents receive their commission payments immediately, making all that waiting for a distant nightmare!

There are many realtors out there who are considering their first commission advance payment. However, many are unsure about the benefits of the entire advance commission process.

Here are five reasons why it’s good to consider a commission advance for real estate agents:

1) To Cover Business Expenses

Considering all the efforts involved in obtaining a signed sale contract, realtors face a lot of business-related costs. The wait time for a typical commission can be upwards of 120 days! This has debilitating consequences for a real estate agent’s personal and business finances. A commission advance is a simple yet cost-effective way to an agent cover all of his or her business expenses such as broker fees, association dues, license fees, etc., without incurring unnecessary penalties. A commission advance for real estate agents lets you access YOUR money faster. Being able to access your commission faster, lets you focus on selling properties and acquiring new commissions.

2) To Cover Marketing Costs

Marketing is crucial for realtors and brokers. The real estate market is a extremely competitive domain where smart marketing strategies can quickly put you ahead of your competitors. In fact, without constant a constant injection of funds, no real estate business can survive. Marketing and advertising are costly endeavors. It requires significant investment in this department to keep your business afloat. This is where a commission advance for real estate agents can help. Early access to your commission payment permits you to keep funding your marketing services and materials. You never have to wait until your commission comes through. You’re able to target new clients on a regular basis effectively.

3) Regulates Cash Flow

Every business faces recurring expenses such as electricity, Internet, taxes, employee salaries, etc. Sometimes your real estate enterprise may face sudden expenditures such as paying vendors, replacing or repairing old computers, travel costs, etc. These types of expenses cannot wait a month, two months, or even three months. They must be met immediately! Regardless of the type of expense a realtor faces, he or she must have constant access to cash flow. Without a timely commission payment, it’s very difficult to maintain steady cash flow. A commission advance for real estate agents is the only solution that provides regular cash flow so that you can focus on business growth and continuity.

4) Provides Income Certainty

When you’re facing long periods of waiting for your commission payments, it is virtually impossible to project your income with certainty accurately. In fact, there’s no guarantee when selling properties either. Most realtors keep selling hard for months before they are successful in getting a signed contract. This is when a real estate agent should be rewarded immediately with a commission cheque. Unfortunately, the agent now has to wait even longer to get this payment after closing. With advance commissions for realtors, agents can find solace in regular income. This enables them to plan their personal business life accordingly. Commission advances help your business thrive.

5) Live Without Debt

Owning and operating your own real estate enterprise is a costly affair. It requires a constant influx of cash. Unfortunately, when you have to wait for two or three months to get your commission cheque, you might suddenly feel strapped for cash. Many realtors face this scenario and will, therefore, resort to taking loans from banks, borrowing money from friends and family, and even incurring credit card debt. Some realtors end up losing their businesses because they’re unable to make payments towards their debt. This doesn’t seem fair at all, considering you were able to make sales. A commission advance for real estate agents can help you operate your business without taking on additional debt. Being able to access your income quickly lets you manage business costs right away so that you’re not struggling for cash.

A commission advance can feel like a blessing for many real estate agents. It allows you to live without debts, provides income certainty, regulates cash flow, covers business expenses, and boost your marketing efforts.

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