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Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until Your Commission Closure

Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until Your Commission Closure

November 3, 2020

Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until Your Commission Closure

Realtor Commission Advance

Reasons to Choose JCA: Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until Closing for Your Commission

A commission is an incentive. The commission advance companies pay a commission to the agents from the sales value they receive. In the real estate business, an advanced commission may not be a norm, but there are some commission advance companies that pay this form of incentive. Real estate agents who want their real commission remuneration pay must apply for a fiscal commission inquiry. The biggest advantage of commission advance pay is that it eliminates the opportunity cost. In other words, you do not keep waiting on payments. You have a constant flow of liquidity to focus on your core business. This is extremely important to you. Here are its benefits.

Constant Cash Flow

You have to invest lots of cash in the real estate business. It means you should not get stuck at any stage due to a lack of liquidity even when you are waiting for the finalization of deals. In other words, you do not need to wait until your commission closes for your business to run smoothly. The solution exists in advance commission from commission advance companies. These companies offer an immediate cash advance to their members who are real estate agents. When you have an easy cash flow, your business flourishes, and your career prospers.

Handle Business Debts Efficiently

Waiting for months to receive your commission you have earned laboriously can be frustrating. This is the challenge that real estate agents frequently face. When you do not make frequent and timely repayments, your debts and expenses pile up, making it difficult to run your business smoothly. The commission advance companies are your best troubleshooters to help you keep your company running smoothly. When you handle business debts efficiently, you settle them at a reasonable rate. In contrast, waiting for three months when your commission payout is made, the debts will have mounted. It can be costly and may land you in an inextricable debt trap. The advance commission, on the other hand, will see your business running smoothly month after month.

Cost and Time Benefits

Ask any real estate agent what their greatest challenge is? The universal answer they have is to wait for a payout. In other words, time is the greatest resource that is wasted in waiting for the commission payout to be made. A lot of time is also wasted in transactions. Why should you have to wait so long when you have already earned it? The commission advance companies understand this unique challenge, and they have a quick solution. They do not make you wait until your commission closes. Their offer of advance commission ensures you have access to cash immediately to save your valuable time and associated costs. The cash infusion is the essential condition of a successful business. The advanced commission will let you make the best of opportunities rather than missing them.

Successful Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of any business. It is equally inevitable in the real estate business. In fact, it is more critical for the real estate agents to market their products and services to maintain their top rank in this stiffly contested industry. The marketing strategies’ execution involves a constant cash flow because you do not want your marketing to suffer. Marketing is an investment with potential or high returns. It is unlikely for you to effectively market your business without sufficient cash to run your marketing campaigns. However, if you rely on your monthly commission payout, you may not market successfully for want of funds, especially in this cash dominant business. You do not want your business to run through roadblocks. The commission advance companies are your best safety net providers. With advance commission payouts, you can achieve successful marketing for your business to grow.

Quick Approval

If you rely on bank loans to meet your funding needs, you will still experience delays. This can prove costly to your business.

Bank loans involve lots of paperwork. They also have a number of conditions to be met. It may take days and weeks for bank loans to be credited in your account from the application to final approval to the fund’s transfer. Commission advance companies are not much less demanding but also more efficient. The approval is quick and easy, with a simple application and approval process. The applications are approved mostly on the day of application. Unlike banks, the commission advance companies do not take your credit rating into account to approve your advance commission request.


As a real estate agent, you cannot fail to appreciate the benefits of commission advance. You are dealing in large amounts of cash on a day-to-day basis. If you do not make the right decision at the right time, your business suffers.

If you are a real estate professional, it makes no sense to wait for months to be paid when the better option is available with Just Commission Advance. We help manage your cash flow needs.